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August 15,2010

This weekend the United States passed a milestone in American History, and a day that deserves remembrance and honor in the conscience of the American People.
That day was VJ day. [for public school recent graduates, that stands for Victory over Japan Day, the day that effectively ended World War II and saved the country and the world from domination by the Japanese Emperor and their Autocracy]. This followed the defeat and surrender of Hitler's Nazis in Europe in 1944, saving Europe from annihilation by the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan. [Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito].
So, how come the President of the United States spent his time backing the construction of a Mosque in downtown Manhattan, just a stones throw away from the WTC site from 9/11, and a muslim Monument scheduled to open on 9/11, and conveniently failed to even mention VJ Day? The liberal press failed to mention it, or only briefly touched it, all weekend.
Saddam Hussein Obama stated during the campaign that he is "uncomfortable with the concept of victory" and that he felt sorry for the treatment given the representatives of Japan in front of MacArthur on the aircraft carrier, forcing them to be humiliated signing the articles of surrender to the Allies.
He has no problem bowing to our enemies and humiliating This Country and the American People though.
He has no problem destroying the constitution of the United States and its economy, and torpedoing the future of our children and grandchildren.
He believes, conveniently and selectively, in unrestricted religious freedom for Muslims, but he and his party will persecute and prosecute you for erecting a Nativity scene at Christmas, or children silently bowing their heads to say grace before a meal in a school cafeteria, or displaying the 10 commandments on public or private land, or having a cross placed on private land to memorialize fallen soldiers, or reading your bible in public.
The Democrats, and this Regime in Washington in particular, are far more of a threat to the future of this country than terrorists or invading armies, though the invasion from the southern border is staunchly protected by them. The Regime is now suing the states that are trying to uphold the existing laws on immigration in their mad dash to pack the country with aliens, grant them amnesty, and make a block of Democrat voters to insure their power and influence permanently.
The plans and outlines for voter fraud and intimidation, on a scale equivalent to the 2008 Democrat primaries and caucuses exercised by the Obama campaign and ignored by the lamestream press, which were used to defeat Hillary Clinton and place Obama on the ballot. These were done by ACORN, New Black Panthers, SEIU,AFL-CIO, and other unions and political facists. That's why the convictions in the NBP case from phila. [we all have seen the proof and the videos of the paramilitary, club yielding Panthers in front of the polls] were dismissed by the Regime and Eric Holder, the biggest racist joke ever to be Attorney General.
November needs to be the most stunning revolution in America since 1775, and the people need to take back this government before it is too late. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2, AND HELP RID THIS COUNTRY OF THESE IMPERIAL ANARCHISTS. Then, in 2012, send this man-child, narcissistic, marxist communist and all his 'czars' back where they came from [obscurity is the destination].


So, in November 2012, ask yourself an honest, unbiased question: Did Saddam Hussein Obama deserve 4 more years in office?

In order to answer that question, answer a few others:

Has he kept his campaign promises for an open and transparent government?[40 some czars that we have no idea who they are or what they do, IRS used to target political opponents, NSA surveillance of American Citizens without cause, allowing Americans to be slaughtered in Benghazi and lying about it for months, and totally fucking up the free market economy and health care with end-around regulations like a dictator rather than a constitutional president].

Has he improved the economy?

Has he acted to insure our energy independence, or has he kept us subserviant to his radical Muslim friends in Hezbolla and Al-Quida through regulation and blocking Keystone and drilling and fracking?

Has he 'brought us together', or has he played race and class cards through his whole tenure?

Has he celebrated America for its greatness, or has he denigrated our accomplishments and apologized to our enemies?

Has he supported and praised our allies [Israel, Germany, England], or has he idolized our enemies [Hamas, PLO, Muslim brotherhood]?

Has he released his transcripts, certificates and tax returns like all other Presidents have done [NO]?

Why all all of his friends and associates anti-American terrorists, communists, Marxists or leftist radicals?

Did he appoint radicals to government positions by dishonesty and trickery [withholding nominees like Craig Becker, socialist union lawyer and radical, for the NLRB until congress was in recess], knowing they could never be confirmed in the Senate.


Did he ever take responsibility for any of his policies or actions, or has he spent the last 3 years pointing fingers at everyone else, including international disasters, volcanos, tsunamis or anything but himself [much like voting 'present', which was his hallmark in congress]?

Has he ever told the truth aside from proclaiming his superiority and greatness?

Does he stand firmly with the racist Attorney General Holder, tracking and using the justice dept., IRS, FBI and other agencies to harass republicans, tea party members and constitutional advocats, dismiss cases [new black panthers,] involving blacks while inserting himself in race-baiting [trayvon case] anti-white causes?


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